• Save time
    Elite Font converter saves our time, It converts the MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents within few seconds

  • Reduce cost
    If you have received a document in different font format, you don't need to Retype the whole data. Just convert the document into the required font format.

  • Easy sharing
    Convert your old valuable legacy font data to Unicode data and share with your friends or any other professionals.

  • Extremely user-friendly UI
    You do not need any advanced computer or technical skills to use it.

  • No more font issue
    You can read any MS Office document even if the font is not installed on your system. Just convert the document into supported font.

  • Typing freedom
    You need to type a document in a particular legacy font with which you are not familiar. Type the document using known font and finally convert into required legacy font before sending it other party.

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