• Document Font Conversion

    Most Indian Publishers and Authors have Versions of their Books in MS Word, Adobe PDF, PageMaker, InDesign, CorelDraw, and Other formats. Yet, much of this Digital Data is not available for reading on different Digital Devices.

    Most of the Data have been created using Legacy Fonts (Kruti Dev, Shree-lipi, Akruti, APS, Chanakya, Bhaskar etc.) and Many Mobile devices cannot read Regional language fonts - they can read only UNICODE family fonts.

    Ankursoft offers Font Conversion from Legacy font to Unicode font and vice versa. See Details...

  • Digital Books or eBooks Conversion

    Today, ePub is the most recognizable format when it comes to Digital Publishing and it is considered the international standard for ebooks. This means that every day millions and millions of readers that use a mobile device to read their favorite books are using the ePub file format.
    Since the ePub has become one of the most widely accepted formats and works with so many of today's devices such as; Apple's iOS enabled Tablets and SmartPhones and Google's Android OS enabled SmartPhones and Tablets.

    This also makes it very important for the Publishers of ebooks and other such content to embrace the ePub format when it comes to their content.

    Ankursoft offers to convert your Manuscript into Digital Version, So that it is compatible with various Electronic Devices. See Details...

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